Reading Queue

I’ve used a few ‘read it later’ apps over the years, but the same thing always happens: I keep adding more and reading less until the sight of my massive backlog turns into a source of anxiety. Then I’ll delete the app and temporarily convince myself that read it later apps just aren’t for me.

I recently discovered Reading Queue, which is designed to tackle this exact problem.

Yes it’s a read it later app, but it cleverly encourages you to read more (and to read more mindfully) by forcing your articles into a queue, while limiting your ability to browse that queue.

Open the app and you can only see the article at the front of your queue (which is usually the oldest one you saved). Don’t feel like reading that article now? Fine - you can push it to the back of the queue, but only up to three times. Try it again and the app will prompt you to delete the article by asking whether you really want to read it after all.

It’s a wonderful antidote to the collectionist mindset fostered by most read it later apps and a prime example of less being more.